Thursday, September 20, 2007


All of the regulars were out on this metal Tuesday night at Thee Parkside, like photographer Rick Marr and Floyd from Fat Wreck Chords. When I asked the bartender for a Red Bull, she said we have the same thing, but its called "Roaring Tiger." Awesome.

Kingdom of Magic
These kids are from Denver. Deep, bluesy, repetitive (in a good way) metal... though I did catch a hint of ptchouli in the air. Damn scummer metal kids!!

Local speed metal boys that have some of the best dueling guitar players I have ever seen. Just good ol' headbanging music... but the dude really should have kept his shirt on. He looks like a young J Mascis, and that is no compliment.

And the main event... Planes Mistaken for Stars. This was the first time I got to see them live, and these guys were amazing! Unfortunately, its their last tour because they are breaking up. They played all of my favorite tracks from their album "Up in Them Guts." Great record. The lead singer sang with crazy emotion and performance art-like dance moves. And during the encore, he gently caressed the faces of people in the crowd and kept repeating "take care of each other." A rocker with a heart, gotta love it.

This had to be the haircut of the night. Check out that chain that is woven in there. Sweet.

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