Friday, June 27, 2008


So... I have finally compiled a PDF of my design portfolio and updated my homepage. Please stop by FUN is OK to say hi and check out the portfolio. I am always looking for new clients and new projects, so let me know if you hear of anything. Much appreciated.


I just posted 3 live videos of Ninja Gun onto my YouTube page. These are from last week's show with Ghost Buffalo and Sleepercar. It was a pretty amazing show.

More videos to come this weekend. Stay tuned...

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Andy took copious notes during our meeting last week, and emailed out the minutes. Here is a little insight to the inner workings behind Suburban Home Records. Enjoy.

11:06 Meeting commences
11:06 Geoff Allen is notably absent, apparently to good for his fellow "co-workers." It is decided that he doesn't actually "work" here, so meeting begins without him.
11:08 Punk Rock Flea Market canceled due to total lack of interest.
11:08 Mackenzie states she does not know who Logan Dickerson is. Immediately fired from the company.
11:09 Logan interrupts meeting.
11:10 Geoff Allen joins meeting, a collective sigh of disappointment is heard
11:11 Marie Litton bails on aforementioned flea market because she will be sick or tired or washing her hair or something.
11:12 Seabron devises way to get her underage friends drunk
11:13 Virgil states he would like to put together an "all-star" lineup, forgetting that no "all -star" performer would have anything to do with Suburban Home or any of its affiliates.
11:14 Logan interrupts meeting.
11:15 More "cheap crap that nobody wants" sales are discussed.
11:15 Andy becomes hungry, stops paying attention to meeting and thinks about what to eat for lunch
11:19 After nearly 4 minutes of internal debate and struggle, Andy decides he would like tacos for lunch.
11:20 Justin doesn't know about something going on with the company, no one is surprised.
11:21 Logan interrupts meeting.
11:22 Blah, blah, blah, blah
11:25 Meeting adjourned

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Hello there... loyal followers of The Kitchen Table. It's been a while, and I apologize, but I've finally got my girl out here and life is great. It's crazy how much we've been doing since she got to Colorado. Also, my life of freelance design has kept me plenty busy. Here are some photos from the past couple weeks. Enjoy.

Just some fun with a photo of the bushes out front.

Out for a walk.

I thought this was a cool building detail.

This is above my desk... and yes, it's true.

In case you can't tell, this is the ceiling in the warehouse. Andy, Justin and I decided to decorate it (much to Seabron's chagrin) by getting 2 plastic knives, a Post-It note pad and a real knife stuck in it. Dangerous... maybe. Fun... definitely!

Chelsea and I went to a chalk drawing festival and found this in the kids section. Isn't it cute? We're pretty sure that little Timmy is troubled.

Maudie... just chillin.

"You're adorable." "No, you're adorable.
Crazy beard... check. Black shirt... check. Gray shorts... check. The terrorist twins, Dylan and Zach, in a moment of realization during a game of washers at Virgil's BBQ.

Hanging out at Wash Park with the girl. Life is pretty swell.

On our way into the Andenken Gallery, we found "Max Loved." Apparently, he just got a haircut from good ol' Shakes McGee. Poor dude looks messed up. Nice kitty, though.

I was riding my bike to work and found this. "Street art" has come a long way since I was a boy.

Charly and Vinnie Fasano stop by Suburban Home. Good dudes.

Here it is... the cover for Ninja Gun's album Restless Rubes, the latest design from yours truly. This project was a lot of fun. The album is available from Suburban Home on CD and LP. I'll post some photos of the merch later - tee shirt, pint glass, beer cozy and buttons.

The Ninja Gun dudes were in town for about a week, playing gigs and hanging out. These guys are awesome. None of us had met them before putting out the album, but it only took about 2 seconds for us to realize that they were some cool kids. I stopped by the 8 Houses studio to take some shots of them recording new tracks.

That night Virgil took us all to a Rockies baseball game. It was my first time, and we had a ton of fun... and beer. If you go, I recommend the bleachers in center field.

Virgil, Ninja Gunners and I... just getting started

Georgia meets Colorado.

Zach and Nicole... gettin' their 7th inning stretch on.

This was our crew - friends, lovers, co-workers, interns and band dudes.

After the game, it was off to Steubens because our friend Joe was bar tending.

Me and my lady.

Joe likes to pour big shots of whiskey... and the gang was happy.

Jeffey drinkin' and Joe looking exhausted.

We saw this at the laundromat. So sad.

Words cannot express my utter confusion with this church sign, but I totally wanna add Jesus to my "Top 8".

Friday, June 06, 2008


Last night, Chelsea and I went to the Armchair Martian reunion show at 3 Kings and it was awesome!! Chad Price (ALL, Drag The River) opened the show with an acoustic set and he sounded amazing... just some good 'ol whiskey drinkin' country music. The Nobodys finished up the night, but we didn't stick around. I've posted a couple videos from Chad's set on my YouTube page. I'll post some of the Armchair Martian set later today.

Have a bitchin weekend.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Jeremy just emailed me these preview photos of pieces for his upcoming show at the Joshua Liner Gallery in New York. Soooooooo rad!!! And the hand-carved frames are incredible. Jeremy went down to Fiji to work with the carver on the designs. Way to go, dude. Looks great.


Check out this cool series of tree photos by Myoung Ho Lee. Great idea.


Singer/artist/designer Jacob Bannon is best known for fronting the hardcore band Converge, but the dude is also an incredible artist. Check out more of his work here. Enjoy.


After seeing the work of Tucker Nichols' at LincArt in San Francisco a few years back, I instantly fell in love with it and was inspired by it. It is raw and almost childlike, but incredibly intelligent and funny.

Most recently, Nichols had a six month residency at the DeYoung. Last week he opened the show Into the Museum - a body of work inspired by the DeYoung, and asking the question "what is a museum?" I really wish I was there to hear him speak.

Older work from Nichols...


No Friends Forever is a fresh new zine "of 70s-inspired graphical sadness" from designer Liam Devowski. Enjoy.