Saturday, September 08, 2007


So, there is this video store in the Richmond District that is really more than a video store. First off, they advertises "DVD" as if it some new space-age technology. Then we see a sign that reads "Don't Be A Victim!" - odd for a video store, but I am sure there is an explanation. Stenciled on the back of a used mylar Happy Birthday banner is the explanation... STUN GUNS SOLD HERE. Yeah, it looks like the kind of place where you would want to purchase a stun gun. And don't forget.. all adult videos "gotta go!"

I gotta try this.

Thesis (L) and flying skulls (R) hit up China Basin, near the Pirate Cove. Pretty fresh.

Found this on a bike ride through the hood.

I was at Bottom of the Hill for an internet radio benefit and this guy brought his daughter right up to the stage. She has special kids ear muffs and a London Calling album cover blazer on. Rad. She was totally rockin out in her little pink leather booties. That kid is cooler than I will ever be.

YESNO - my favorite new writer.

If you ever stay at the San Anselmo Inn, this is what you will be waking up to.

Now that's a happy tree!

I found these guys out in the industrial part of Berkeley, near the famous punk club 924 Gilman.

Tee he he... penis.

Yet another beautiful sunset at Daniel and Rachel's loft.

I have no idea, I just like the composition.

Me too... and her name is Chelsea.

I wanna meet the Drummaker! I also like that his address is in quotes.

JAUT must care a lot because he has been writing it all over town. What a nice boy.

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