Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Yeah, I know... we look good.

The brothers Maloney.

The castle in Marin where the fairytale wedding took place. Pretty cool, huh.

May I introduce to you Mr. and Mrs. Maloney.

Sunset at the castle. Ain't she cute?

There were about 20 kids at the reception, and they were all having a good time.

Rachel threw and fired 150 of these bowls for all of the guests to take home. They were amazing! (Martha Stewart-esque photo by Chelsea)

Andrew is showing his Frenchy discontent for the cheese selection.

The first slice.

Three little angels... eating cake.

Chelsea and I with the brother and sister tag team of Andrew and Amanda, two of Colorado's finest exports.

I swear... Kayden asked me for that beer. Chelsea stepped in when I grabbed the beer bong.

Good night.

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