Friday, September 21, 2007


So I finally got around to putting up some photos from everyone's favorite gathering of geeks, nerds and social outcasts... that's right, Comic Con. Every summer, thousands of pasty and portly individuals descend upon San Diego for a 4-day convention about comics, science fiction, toys and general nerdery. This year was no exception. Enjoy.

Yup, thats me and comedic genius Bobcat Goldthwait.

Artist and fashion mogul, my friend Bwana Spoons.

Run of the mill nerds.

Martini Man and The Beast (thanks for the tip, Ed).

The debate still rages on about the gender of the "Bat-person" on the left. And I'm no Star Wars expert, but I am pretty sure that the intergallactic pressure of outer space might penetrate this dude's cardboard outfit.

Weird blue pig man and the usual... oh, the goths. When will you ever learn?

This guy likes to draw topless elf children and unicorns. Stab in the dark here... he's single and lives near an elementary school?

The level of misguided pride here is unbelievable.

These are just fans, not people paid to be there. Let me tell you, as a guy who loves a good chain mail suit - it just doesn't breathe as well as you might think. Sure it looks cool...

There's an orgy waiting to happen here. Zima anyone?

Two of the coolest kids ever - Jaiden and Dorian, throwin' up the horns!

When worlds collide...Victorian meets post-apocalyptic dystopian rave.

Multiple generations of nerds.

This guy was so proud when I asked to take a picture of his sparkly coyote shirt that he took off his bag so I could "get a good shot." Also, it looks like the super heroes have been "super" sizing their meal deals.

This shot was taken right before the guy on the left ate the guy on the right.

Hell yeah... POW BITCH! Sweet shirt, dude. Even aliens like a good salad and tall, non-fat, decaf macchiatos.

Apparently Chris had more than the smell of success on this day. I love the glasses on the Teenage Far-sighted Ninja Turtle.

Artist Josh Herbolsheimer gives the Ugly Dolls two thumbs up. Later, Josh got drunk and told the blue one that she looked "real huggable."

I like girls in medieval garb and I love dragons, so its really a pretty obvious combination. The funny thing about the guy who drew these is that both of them are fictional in his world.

Cat fighting a dragon etched in plexiglass and a pretty darn intimidating security sign. Good job guys.

Don't worry, I called child protective services, but they just laughed. The operator didn't believe me, she just said "That's not possible. Nobody that attends Comic Con in a costume has ever had sex. Nice try."

Jaiden gave Bwana this awesome drawing he did...

and Bwana gave Jaiden this awesome painting he did. Everybody wins!

Like his mom always said, "You're so handsome, you will have to fight off the ladies." So sad.

Paris ain't got nothin on the fashion at "The Con." Silk super hero shirts are so hot for 2008.

A confederate nerd and a guy who just looks defeated.

The Super7 crew.

The boys and their favorite girl, Tara McPherson. Josh had a grin for days.

Someone threw a party down at Ocean Beach and we cruised down for the bonfire and some beers. Little did we know that it would turn into Armwrestle-mania. My friends Megan and K-Tron started it all off...

Then it went from arm wrestling to full-on, ass kickin' wrestling. No holds barred. It looks like Megan has K-Tron beat, but wait...

K-Tron steps it up with a full reverse, and rolls them closer to the fire. Kiyoshi sees trouble and steps in to block the tumbling two-some from sure death!

Then its Kiyoshi, the Drunken Master's turn. No one is really sure why he took his shirt off, but it was a crowd pleaser. Look at the color change in the head of the guy on the right once they start to arm wrestle. So rad.

Then Kiyoshi decides he wants to beat a child, so Jaiden stepped in and whooped his ass!

Bwana didn't like that one bit and took Jaiden down. In the photo on the right, he yelled "Portland, what?!! You want some more of this?"

Artist Martin Ontiveros took his stab at the reigning champion. His power comes from his blond locks. I have to say that this is the only time I have ever seen him smile. Good dude, great artist - just not a smiler.

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