Sunday, September 09, 2007


Chelsea and I flew up to Seattle for a little getaway and to visit my dad and Diane at their new house on Whidbey Island. We met them down at Pike's Place, and came across this. In SF we have ugly hearts around town. In Seattle they have these cool giant pigs - this was our favorite. Seattle wins.

Found this cool pipe/planter thing in an alley downtown.

This truck had a bunch of cool little cars glued to it. You know how those "artist" types are.

I had no idea what the this was, until Chelsea pointed out that it was a "chairy tree." Get it? I know, I'm an idiot.

This was right after I got my ass handed to me by the Humboldt Hustler. We got a table in the back of the Ballroom Bar and she won 3 games in a row. I'm pretty sure she slipped me a roofie.

This is Linda's - the best damn bar in Seattle! Well... it was the best bar we found that weekend. Pool, a backyard, Olympia on tap, and a good jukebox. Not to mention the lodge-like feeling that takes me back to my old apartment. For those of you who visited the Sycamore Lodge, you would love this place (warning - there are less crack dealers and hookers here. sorry.) It's over in Capitol Hill, and its rumored that the late Kurt Cobain hung out here. Oooh...nifty.

Random stuff Chelsea and I found while found walking around.

The sign for our hotel - Hotel Max. GREAT place to stay! Plus the sign reminded us of Empire Records. Oh A.J., when will you ever learn.

This trip was for both of our birthdays and 4 month anniversary (insert eye-rolling here), so we had a date. I definitely recommend the Tamarind Tree. Thanks for the tip, Caleb.

We each got a piece of art from Jenna Colby at a street fair!

We caught this bee pollinating everything in sight! Hungry little dude.

Lenin sculpture in the Fremont District - our favorite part of town, by the way.

More randomness.

I'm not even sure where to start on this little urban gem. It ain't old school and it ain't new school... it's "Tru School." Word.

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