Saturday, September 08, 2007


Big boob paintings are always a crowd pleaser. I like to call the 60s & 70s the "perky" years.

I had no idea what the hell this was, until Matt pointed out that it was a painting of the eucharist. Such a good Irish Catholic boy.

Ed is trying to figure out what shoes he would wear with that dress. And somehow, the mannequins felt appropriate.

Falsie Inspector? That looks like a good job for short perverts who wear overcoats and carry around giant magnifying glasses.

Fashion is always in full effect at Alameda. The satin Gilda Radner jacket was my favorite.

I am a stickler for spelling.


This guy has been parked in that same spot for 30 years. I am not sure he even knows there is a flea market around him. Note the giant mushroom on his "Van of Destiny," as I like to call it.

Why not?

Creepy old man heads were popular this month.

Mommy, mommy... are those people wrestling?

Whoever "A. Rand" is, is one hell of a painter. He really captured this pre-coitus pose in the mouth of a weird cave beast.

Yup... its the "Collector's Edition". Get it now!

I don't even know where to begin with this etched glass nautical masterpiece.

Want a picture of a fat guy? Or maybe a film still of Spock sucking on a lollipop? I think its from the episode where he experiments with Vulcan homo-eroticism.

I think a big green cat is a great way to hide those pesky Aqua Net cans.

Matt was pointing and yelling "Get a shot of my new purse! Get a shot of my new purse!" He also wanted me to make sure and point out that he coordinated his shorts and purse. Calm down, dude... we all know how sassy you are.

Awww... look at the cute ducks... and the little owls... and the SEVERED JAGUAR'S HEAD. It's real... real creepy.

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