Monday, March 31, 2008


Last Thursday night at the Old Curtis St. bar was the 1 Year Anniversary show for Sleeper Horse. The line up that night included the great Scooter James, Solar Bear and Two Strikes. Scooter got the place warmed up and Sleeper Horse got the riled up. It was my first time seeing them, and they definitely did not disappoint. Mike's gravelly voice was even better in person.

I posted a video of Sleeper Horse from that night on my YouTube page. The lighting was really bad, I swear.

Aside from all the skinny jeans and Sidekicks being tapped on all night, it was a good show. I met a good dude named Lamont and we rapped about Denver, life, etc... Here are some photos from the show. Enjoy.

Now that's punk rock.


The Sleeper Horse boys

Mike sang with this kind of intensity throughout the whole set.

Happy anniversary guys.

The end.


I found this on Rachel McKibben's blog. Somehow, I had never seen this Skittles commercial. Pretty amazing.


My cat Maudie likes to intimidate the ball before she attacks it. So rad.

Saturday, March 29, 2008


Another great shot from NYC photographer, Sucka Pants.


Sponsored by Volcom, the first installation of the ((sounder)) Director’s Collaboration Project a series of 5 videos premiering ever month throughout the spring and summer of 2008. Featured artist/directors are Michael Sieben, Mel Kadel, Todd Bratrud, Travis Millard and Dave Bryant.

"All of the artists worked with Mike Aho in a creative collaboration to develop images that either capture or decompose the music through the use of drawings, film, animation and video."


My friend Jon Runcio has new work up on his site, from ART LA - the New Los Angeles International Contemporary Art Fair. Pretty amazing pieces. Also, be sure to check out his Etc. section - a collection of random photos he has taken during his travels.


Life doesn't get much better. Enjoy.

Friday, March 28, 2008


If you are at all interested in the history of poster art, check out this collection.


While cruising the Juxtapoz site a few days ago, I found a post about the upcoming show at the Andenken Gallery in Denver. Being new to Denver and still discovering the art scene here, I checked out their line up for the next year and it is phenomenal - Big Foot, Antonio Diaz and David P. Madson, Scott LeFavor, Kill Pixie, Ben Eine, Rich Jacobs, Tim Kerr, Lindsey Kuhn, Buff Monster, Mark Mothersbaugh... just to name a few. I knew immediately that I had to go check out this space. I emailed the owner/curator, Tom Horne, and told him that I was interested in seeing the gallery. He emailed back, we set up a time for yesterday, and I spent more than 2 hours with him talking about art, the gallery, his goals with the space, artists we like, the art scene... and of course, the latest with Brad and Angelina.

Far off the usual Denver art walk of Santa Fe St., the gallery is located in the upper Larimer neighborhood. After getting the grand tour of the facilities (gallery, 4 studios, permanent collection, etc...), I have to say that this is the greatest art space I have ever visited. It is also the largest space I have seen of its kind. It is designed to allow artists the freedom to create what they want, without the confines of the average, sterile 4 white walls. There is even a loft bedroom for visiting artists to stay while they work. The interior design is the brain child of co-owner and artist, Hyland Mather. Hyland designed each of the living spaces and the very welcoming common spaces... industrial edges of large welded steel meet the clean lines of modern design.

Andenken is a German word that loosely translates to memory, but not a memory. It is the action of memory. Tom and Hyland used the example of a wedding ring. The ring alone means nothing, but it triggers the action of thinking of a loved one. That is andenken.

Here are some photos from my visit. Enjoy.

The massive exterior of the Andenken Gallery.

Loft studio space for visiting artists.

The art of Hyland Mather.

These 2 pieces were my favorite.

Buff Monster installation (and porn box).

Permanent mural.

Pieces from the collection upstairs. Not sure of artist on the left. Cody Hudson on the right.

Two great pieces from Dave Kinsey.

Mike Giant original skateboard art... note the rubylith still on the piece. So rad.

Pieces from the current show in the gallery, Big Foot.

Various pieces of wood used are from a ranch... a great detail to the design.

The next opening is Get it Threw Your Thick Skull with artists Antonio Diaz and David P. Madson on Thursday, April 3rd. Madson (a.k.a Odd Nosdam of anticon records) will be spinning at the opening.

Tom has some big plans for 2008, so keep your eye on the Andenken Gallery and their blog.

Tom also has a site set up to help his brother fight his battle with leukemia. On the site you can purchase some great art to help with the costs of his treatment. Please check it out.

Thursday, March 27, 2008


Sorry gang. Chelsea told me this morning that there was a problem with the Tahoe photos. Its all fixed now, but you may need to refresh your browser window for them to show up.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


SF photographer Rick Marr has updated his site. Be sure to check out some of the beautiful black & white pics from Rome.


Check out this super-duper custom photobooth. I am quite jealous... maybe a summer project for my basement? To see more photo strips, go here.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Last night, I headed over to the Marquis Lounge with some friends to see Love Me Destroyer, Cobra Skulls, The Flatliners and The Loved Ones. I am a big LMD fan, and they did not disappoint. It was my first time seeing them live and Scooter was killin' it. Next up were the Cobra Skulls - this was a good time for a potty break. That's all I'm saying. Then The Flatliners hit the stage. I was pretty excited to see them because their new album "The Great Awake" is pretty darn good. These kids (literally, they are all 19 or 20) from Canada have a ton of energy and put on a great show. There is a nice hint of Op Ivy in them, too. Good stuff. And finally, The Loved Ones. I don't really know their music that much, but they put on a good set and the crowd was really into them. All in all, a good night.

I also posted 2 videos from the show on my YouTube page. Enjoy.
Love Me Destroyer - I Went to Las Vegas...
The Flatliners - Eulogy

Love Me Destroyer

The mighty Scooter James

The Flatliners


OK... I stole this post from Kitsune Noir. Who cares? This clock is awesome.