Monday, September 24, 2007


(These are a few photos from a show I went to this summer.)
Cassie and I went to Annie's Social Club to see Ms. Led, but had the good luck to run into these rawkers - The Last Hope. Apparently, this is the hot "squatter" style in Pittsburgh. The following are a few of the fashion highlights. Oh yeah, and the band that followed them was O.C.D. Nope, not Obsessive Compulsive Disorder... it was Our Corpse Destroyed. Grrr.

I'm sure the matching studded vests seemed like a good idea when they were drunk. But when you see them all together, they just look like jerks.

The lead singer had some mad style - tattoos, funny haircut and a patch that says "Dead". Nothing says "gutter punk" like surf glasses.

So.... where do I begin? This guy wins the award for best "outfit". The front of his vest says "We're All In Chains" and had metal chains on it. Then the back has a drawing of some deformed hands in chains. What he is trying to say is that we are all in chains... like the chains on the guys hands... or the chains on his jacket... see... chains... get it.

Oh yeah, and don't forget "Myserys the river of the world". So deep. So deep.

This is also the "chains" guy. He rocks moccasins. Fresh.

But this was the clincher. He changed out of that awesome vest, and into this even MORE awesome sweatshirt. Yup, thats a real fox sewn onto it. He also has a handy little wallet holder and cell phone case on one of his many belts. His fanny pack must be at the cleaners. Sooooo punk.

I just like naked girls painted on velvet... especially if they have tan lines.

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