Sunday, September 16, 2007


I spent last Saturday with the newlyweds, Daniel and Rachel. We stopped by the Dwell Magazine Design Exhibition for a couple hours to see what was hot in modern furniture, design and golden pigs.

Its been almost 150 years since the Industrial Revolution, and this is the best we can do? As a craftsman, Daniel was not impressed. I also just liked the apples on the table.

Cool table.

Backlit and laser-cut, pretty cool.

Rachel inspects these ceramics... she's a pro.

These painted wooden figures from Zinc Details are great.

They are soooooo pouty and European.

Cool nature-inspired shape ceramics. As soon as I saw this chair, I fell in love. Too bad my bank account isn't as good as my tastes.

Suzanne, from The Beholder, had a booth with some great work. Yup, that's me... pondering myself... sitting on a train... pondering... well, actually probably thinking about what to have for dinner... I mean, existentialism. Yeah, that's it. Another great painting by Kate Mauldin.

The kids over at GOOD magazine some cool stuff.

Fun with light.

I had that same look when I first saw the Golden Pig... that look that Jeff Koons was nearby with a hidden video camera.


Delicious ice cream art from Greely Myatt.

Mod birds from the late Charley Harper. I love how simple he makes nature.

Mid-century ceramics.

When we saw these kids chairs from the 60s, we were hooked. Every designer's kid should be rockin one of these. And this art would make Chris Duncan, the king of yarn art, very proud.

As we were leaving, we saw this name tag and Daniel wanted to get a photo with his fellow Maloney. We ended up talking to Tom (also Daniel's father's name) for about half an hour. He had some great stories. Next time you see me, ask me about the funeral.

After we left Dwell, we found this giant castle and Daniel REALLY wanted to get in. No luck. Sorry dude.

We cruised around my hood afterwards, going to art galleries. Here are a few shots from our stroll. Be sure to stop by Creativity Explored next time you are in The Mission. It is one of the most important galleries in the city.

After seeing some cool little ceramics at The Candy Store, Rachel said why don't we just go make some? So, we did. Apparently, these are called "pinch pots." Ryan brought over this bitchin flexible lion watch. It really liked my pinch pot.... can't say I blame him.

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