Thursday, September 27, 2007


Hair stylist to the stars (and all-around bad-ass), Anee Mew, is the first person to send me their last 10 iPod songs... and it's a pretty rockin' list! (aside from that Hall & Oates nonsense) Thanks kid, you get a gold star.

1. bad- michael jackson
2. turn up the radio - autograph
3. bang bang- danger danger
4. the final countdown- europe
5. don't treat me bad- firehouse
6. sweet child of mine- gnr
7. rocket queen- gnr
8. rich girl- hall and oates
9. kiss me deadly- lita ford
10. edge of a broken heart- vixen

Send me YOUR last 10 iPod songs and a photo for the ol' bloggy blog. Hurry!

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