Thursday, September 27, 2007


The lovely and talented Sarah Spitler is having a solo show of her mesmerizingly ethereal and deeply layered paintings at Ritual Roasters. You can see more of Sarah's work on her site, but nothing compares to seeing the pieces in real life. I guarantee that if you go, you will spend hours examining each piece - finding more and more every time you look.

Here is an excerpt from Sarah's artist statement...
"Chaos manifests itself alongside form in my work. Chaos is powerful in that it is beyond human control; specifically, it interests me in depiction as catastrophe - as the uncontrollable and random force of natural cataclysms. I enjoy the emergence of fragments of imagery in relation to a destructive force - they become reduced and ephemeral, they are representative of the momentary and transient. However, according to the scientific study of chaos, it is the minute and transient that manifest as larger factors, further down in the equation, in the study of matter."

Sarah Spitler "New Work"
Sept 30 -Oct 28
Opening Reception:
Saturday October 6, 6-9 pm

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