Tuesday, March 25, 2008


On St. Patrick's Day weekend, I headed to Tahoe to meet up with Chelsea and go snowboarding. We stayed with her sister and brother-in-law, who are living there for a month. Lucky kids. The first day we got there, it dropped 14 inches of fresh powder. Unbelievably perfect. From Friday to Tuesday, we had an amazing long weekend - snowboarding all day in the best snow I have ever seen, and Tecates and Wii back at the apt. at night. I could get used to that. Here are some photos from the weekend. Enjoy...

My new board, thanks to Mr. Fish. That is one of the decks he designed for Santa Cruz.

Corie and I on the lift at Northstar.

Chelsea, the season's first snow angel.

Me and my special lady.

Nike's ├╝ber-extreme ride parked outside Northstar.

On our way home that afternoon, we saw this hawk land nearby. It was working really hard at pulling something out of the ground. I hope he got it.

On the drive home, Corie and Trae pointed out what looked like Hummel figures in a front yard, giving a certain WWII German salute.

I had to get closer and investigate. Before getting too close, Trae pointed out that anyone who owned Nazi youth statues might own a weapon. Good point, dude.

So we drove around the side of the house. And the verdict... holy crap, its true!! Those kids are totally throwing up the Nazi sieg heil. WTF??!? I really wanted to go draw little Hitler moustaches on them with my Sharpie, but then Trae pointed out the whole crazy gun owner thing again. Unbelievable.

Chelsea, Trae and Corie in the "gundaloo." I love those things.

Trae, seen here, doing his best Carl the groundskeeper impersonation, from the movie Caddyshack. If you haven't seen Caddyshack, go away.

Cool and the gang.

The day started out with the most beautiful monochromatic scenery.

The skies opened up later in the day. Not too shabby.

Everyone agreed that my lunch was an art piece - Tofurkey with Chex mix. Mmmmm....

Back to nature.

This dumbass was there. I can only hope that his dress later got caught in some horrific lift incident.

Not only does he ride a "Ford Action Hero" board, but Trae's binding snapped at the top of the mountain, so they improvised with a zip tie. Damn... that's extreme.

These trees were incredible. It looked like they were dipped in white paint.

Ooh... modern totem art. How very Christo.

It wasn't me. I swear.

On our way home, we decided to stop and make a snowman. On our search for the perfect spot, we came across this cool old cabin.

I love the way icicles look... completely unreal.

The team, assembling snowman parts.

Trae and I moving what was a surprisingly heavy snowball.

Corie and Chelsea adding the facial touches.

Lookin' good snow dude.

May I present to you... Bernard the snowman!

The next morning I spent a little time in front of this fire pit. Northstar has them all over the place. Pretty great.

I'm sure glad I didn't wear MY all-over pink paisley outfit. I would have looked really, really stupid.

Our wall of boards... mine is the coolest.

At least it rhymes.

We decided to go out for St. Patty's Day and ended up at Crosby's. Like the sign says, they really do "serve fun."

This was our pitcher of "fun." Note the hazy green color... never dye a Belgian beer. The end.

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