Saturday, March 01, 2008


So I had decided to move to Denver, found a new apartment and packed all my boxes. The fabulous Rachel Maloney took over from there, and planned a great going away party for me. Saturday night at Sadie's Flying Elephant - one of my favorite bars in SF (pool, a great jukebox, free popcorn and $1 Tecates... what's not to love?) Anyhoo... here are some shots from that night. Good times were had by all.

Once again, Kate outdid herself with the cake. This time, she played off my love for the fez and made a leopard print fez cake, complete with tassels. Written on it was "Colorado Elks Association. Newest Member Geoff" So rad. Remember the sock monkey cake for my birthday?

The plan was set... take over the back room of the bar. We assembled the crew and did just that. Chillin' on the red couch with Peter, me, Rachel, Daniel, Kate and Amanda.

Hey look, its the always introverted Anee Mew. Oh wait... she's rockin the new name I gave her, Anee Time. Pretty tough, huh?

And there is Mr. Jeremy Fish talking to Ed. It looks like Ed is trying to show him some hip new dance move. By the way, the sweater Jeremy is wearing is the ACTUAL one worn by The Dude in The Big Lebowski. Amazing.

Anee, her new boyfriend Andrew and Sarah checkin' out the scene at the pool table.

Andrew doing his best Morissey impersonation. Apparently, the chicks dig it.

After trying to samurai chop the cake at my birthday, Kebby was giving me some advice about how to cut this bad boy.

After looking at this photo, I have no idea what the hell was going on... but it looks like a lot of fun! Mike and Anna are in a mid-embrace lovers gaze on the left; Ryan is laughing like he just heard that one about the pope, the rabbi and the midget tranny hooker; Rachel is telling some fantastical story that involves West Side Story-ish hand motions; and Steven can't believe his ears. I swear we did not plan this shot.

Mike is lovin' it, but Anna looks like she could murder someone. Or maybe she just goosed him? I'm not sure.

Peter is definitely having a good time. Such a good dude.

David and Subina living dangerously.

Mike is still excited, and it seems to be contagious.

Dancing machine Casey with the ever-sassy Sean and Paige.

Yeah I look good. So what? I make this silly lookin' scarf sexy.

Me and Mr. Fish enjoying a couple of dee-licious Tecates. He is actually the one responsible for my love of that fine beer. Thanks dood.

I think this is my favorite photo from the party. This also happens to be my all-time favorite photo of Kirk (on the right).

My homies Ed, Caleb and Sarah. I'm not sure what Caleb is doing, but he is stalkerishly close to Ed's lady.

My condolences to your fiancee.

Wow. The best part is that Rachel is helping him with his "measurement".

So, Kate strolls over and says "Hey, can I hit you with the cake?" Me, being a good sport, says "Sure." Little did I know. Damn... that was a direct hit.

The aftermath, part 1. Caleb was loving it.

The aftermath, part 2.

Did you ever watch "Welcome Back Kotter"? The only thing I can think of when looking at this photo is Vinnie Barbarino's classic catch line... "Up ya nose wit' a rubbah hose." In case you didn't know, Mr. Barbarino was played by America's sweetheart John Travolta.

Daniel is sooo sassy, so French.

Me and Mr. Benzler, muggin' up for the camera.

Me and The Mahaloneys.

The models, Paige and Sean.

Me and The Hyers.

The best part of the night was the fact that I hit a growth spurt. See, beer IS good for you!

I have no idea.

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