Sunday, March 02, 2008


Last night was probably the most perfect weather we have had since I got here. Perfect for riding bikes around town and drinkin, that is. I met up with Danyel, Lee and Brandon to grab some grub and PBRs at Steuben's. Cool spot. Good food. During dinner, Brandon shared some knowledge with me. Did you know that a Nalgene bottle (I know, I know... he's from Boulder) is the perfect size to hold a bottle of champagne? Preferably a fine bottle of Andre, or another $6 bottle of bubbly. This little fact made us get up from the dinner table and hit the liquor store across the street. After that we headed over to Gabor's for some drinks, but not before enjoying that Nalgene bottle in the alley while Lee yelled obscenities. Once Zach showed up with a Chrome bag full of Tecates and more champagne, it was off to Cheesman Park. We all rode over to the Pavillion in the park to hang out and enjoy some cocktails al fresco. The fixed gear kids used the slick surface to show off some fresh tricks. Aside from Brandon almost getting hit by a car, it was an awesome night. Here are a few shots...

The pavillion.

Zach attack.

Brent, a.k.a. "Skinny Jeans McShred"

Brandon was showin' off how they do it in Boulder. Check out Danyel's all-white ride in the back. Pretty fresh.

More Brandon, a.k.a. one-half of the Red Squadron.

Zach was killin' it. Some might even say he was "shreddin' balls."

Brent has his own "style."

The other Brandon poppin' a rad wheelie.

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