Saturday, March 22, 2008


Another monthly occurrence here in Denver is the Suburban Home Records Punk Rock Flea Market at the 3 Kings Tavern. You can pick up some great cds, records, handmade clothes and art... all the while listening to great live music, for free! This was my first time and it was a day full o' fun.

Rock star Scooter James (of Pinhead Circus and Love Me Destroyer fame) and the cash money millionaire himself, Virgil Dickerson. Virgil is the owner of Suburban Home Records and a good dude. He is one of the reasons that independent music is alive and well. So be sure to support him.

People milling about the flea market.

Art in progress.

Josh and Mike of Sleeper Horse doing an acoustic set. Mike is also the amazing gravely voice behind my new favorite band, Tin Horn Prayer. He has the painfully tragic sound of an old blues singer. Thanks for the introduction to these guys, Scooter. Their song "Memory" is the jam of the week.

Zach from Grey Flight Records and you know who. Zach is a good dude, too. It turns out we grew up one town apart... Conejo Valley, what?!

Scooter and his super cool chick, Sarah. We keep running into each other at shows and she is one of the nicest people I have met since I got here. Love the pose, kids.

Scooter doin' his thang. He sang the Misfits classic "Angelfuck" as a sea shanty. Awesome.

This is Dusty. Dusty likes the booze. But don't mess with this duo... thug murder fo' life.

During the break, I headed down to the basement to check out the art show. I found this collection of randomness on my way.

The art of Josh Wrede. He takes Virgin Mary statues and repaints them as skeletons. I thought all of these were pretty cool.

My favorite.

These were my 2 favorite band names from the boxes and boxes of records - Dirt Bike Annie & Kung Fu Monkeys and Witches With Dicks. Pure genius.

On my way out, I caught this. For some reason, it made me extra sad.

But then I saw this kitty in the window of a store and all was right in the world. The cat is sleeping in front of a book called "Bird Songs". You can't make this up. I bet he is having some great dreams right now.

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