Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Every Monday night there is a mean game of Bingo that goes down at a local bar called Sputnik. So last night Danyel, Zach, Brandon and I checked it out. It was pretty rad and the host Brandi was great. She had a weird little joke for every letter she called. Here are a few photos from the main event...

These ladies were in the house and hopped up on Diet Coke and Virginia Slims. Brandon was hitting on the lady with the neck sweat towel all night long. It was embarrassing.

This is exactly what happens when you give us big markers shaped like animals. We had a little bingo blotter "incident". I got Danyel right in the forehead. BINGO! Notice that the back of her hand looks like a big open wound... that's because I had an awesome marker named Tickles the Tiger.

Then it got ugly. I took a pretty mean blotter stab in the mouth. I can still taste the toxic ink and I am pretty sure I was hallucinating all night... thanks Danyel.

What are you laughing at?

Brandon yelled out bingo. And this chick yelled out bingo. This can only mean one thing... a dance off!

Brandon gettin' loose... just before dropping to the floor and pulling off one of the most stunning performances of "the worm" ever seen.

Look at that raw Lambada-esque sexuality! I think he had the competition locked up, but they ended up splitting the prize. We all know who the real winner was. Way to go dude. We are definitely going back for more next week!

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