Saturday, March 22, 2008


Later that night after the flea market, I stopped by the mini-art walk happening near my house on Colfax. It was a combined art show with The Shoppe + The Fabric Lab + Neapolitan + Plastic Chapel. Unfortunately, it was mostly custom Dunnies... not my thing. But, The Shoppe is a great little place that opened recently. It's a cupcake shop that also serves cereal and coffee, while selling modern design books, showing art and random Japanese cartoons. If you live in Denver, check it out. Here are a few pics...

I started off at The Fabric Lab, which is a handmade clothing store and hair salon. Cool spot.

These acrylic silhouette pieces were pretty interesting. A lot better than the crap on the shelf underneath them.

These painted body forms were the best pieces of the night. Sorry about the photos, for some reason they were hung really high.

W.T.F?... I hope this guy gets in a car wreck on his way home. Sorry, but I do.

A packed house over at The Shoppe.

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