Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Like every good American, I have a MySpace page. Luckily, I was on it the other day and saw a banner ad that caught my little eye. It was for a new dating site, Gothscene.com Of course, I had to check it out. After spending way too much time looking around, I found a few stellar dating candidates. After all, they are just like you and me... lookin' for love. Here are my favorites. I have not altered the photos or their bios in any way... which makes it that much sadder.

So put on your favorite Siouxsie and the Banshees, Skinny Puppy or Bauhaus record and enjoy. I command thee...

Dragon God meet Dark Nihilist.
Dragon God - "ask and ill tell you if i think you are worthy enough!!!" Grrr....
Dark Nihilist - "I really don't have much to be happy for, so give me a reason to smile. If this sounds like you, send me a message or something because that would be groovy." Dude... groovy doesn't seem very goth.

Deicidal Reign meet Thedrummer74.
Deicidal Reign - "i am a Master, sadly living in BFE, seeking slaves to come to me, and serve me. to obey without question or complaint, and to worship at my feet, as is their place." Sounds like fun. Apparently, long hair is acceptable in the goth scene. Yet another reason to not be goth.

Lady of Crow meet Quiksilver.
Quiksilver - "I like to think but I also like to act. The world is a fascinating place full of light and dark that needs to be explored and I want to do it with the right partner."
I'm guessing that partner is a 12 year old. Creep.

Zach M. Daniels meet My Gift is My Curse.
Zach M. Daniels - "Im a typical guy. I love going out to no-where. Just out. I'm loud, and can be rather stubburn at times." Apparently, too stubborn to use a dictionary. Yeah, condoms... high five.
My Gift is My Curse - go back to the Good Charlotte concert, douche.

Shadowsrising meet Sonek138.
Shadowsrising - "My name is Steve, but all my mates call me Ste. I know im not much to look at. Im NOT the BEST LOOKING PERSON but im also NOT the UGLIEST PERSON either im confident enough just to be aware that im somewhere in BETWEEN." Hey Ste... you're right. Much like your hair line, you are not much to look at.
Sonek138 - "Im cool to hang around with, I have my own place, live alone, love metal, like to go out any where the road takes me" So you have your own place AND you live alone. The next line should be "That way no one can hear you scream."

And finally, my favorite of favorites... the Huester.
Huester - "My stature is apealing, my sense of humor is alluring, my looks are charming and my job is security." His stature (even though he's sitting down) IS appealing... like his ├╝ber-goth yellow polo shirt.

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