Sunday, April 06, 2008


After the opening at the Andenken Gallery, I strolled a few blocks down Larimer to the Meadowlark to meet up with Scooter, Sarah, Gia and the gang. Little did I know that Meadowlark is a beautiful old basement bar, with stone walls and wood pillars. Going down the subterranean stairs was like entering some old British pub. Great spot.

Scooter and Charly "City Mouse" Fasano were releasing their new split book - Taking the Workhorse to the Glue Factory / Title. Also, Charly's twin brother Vinnie was showing his art in the bar. As the night went on, the place was full of friends and familiar faces. Here are a few photos from the night. Some are color and some are B&W because some things just look better in B&W.

On my way downstairs, to what looked like a secret entrance.

I was greeted by this guy.

The art of Vincent "Cheap" Fasano

Heavy petting... the battle of the beards.

Scooter was REALLY excited to start DJing. And in case you can't read it, his tie says "I rule at life." Awesome.

Then, the excitement died down and "Thug Scooter" showed up.

"Now where is that Maroon 5 record?"

Floral and fauna.

Scooter and City Mouse.

The new split book. Pretty cool - read Charly's part on one side, then flip the book over and read Scooter's part.

Charly reading from his new book, Title.

You know who.

The trippy sounds of Fight Spider.

The artist Vinnie Fasano also plays percussion and this little tiny horn in Fight Spider.

Lookin sassy... Gia, Pedro (a.k.a. Berzerk), and Sarah.

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