Saturday, April 26, 2008


For another Suburban Home Punk Rock Flea Market! This was about 2 weeks ago at the 3 Kings Tavern... sorry for the delay in getting stuff up. My freelance work has kept me crazy busy, and I went to see my lady last week for 5 days (which was amazing).

Anyhoodily... here are some shots from the day. I've also posted some videos of Drag The River playing at the flea market on my YouTube page. If you have never heard Jon (from Armchair Martian) and Chad (from ALL) sing together, you should really check them out.

Scooter James, getting ready to do his thing.

He rocks so hard that it can't even be captured by modern technology. Reminds me of a Francis Bacon painting.

Scooter also did a reading from his new book with Charly Fasano. If you haven't picked up Taking the Workhorse to the Glue Factory, you really should.

Sarah, Scooter and yours truly.

Jon Snodgrass and Chad Price... the two halves that make up the "alt-country" duo Drag The River.

Oh yeah... and Dusty was there. too.

Drag The River

In case you can't tell, that is a stuffed kitty with an empty drink and a fancy little umbrella. So sad.

Seabron and her man Cory representin' the now defunct Blackout Pact, but that's not the best part of the picture. Check out Scott Kaplan in the background... it looks like one of those blurry shots of Bigfoot lumbering through the forest.

The dudes - Zach, Scooter, Virgil and me - after an afternoon of PBR tallboys. I swear I'm not that short.

So, that night was Kyle's bachelor party and Virgil made him wear this ball and chain (with a real 16 lb. bowling ball) all day and night. Pretty rad. Congrats dude.

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