Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Monday morning, we all "sobered" up from a wild night of 3.2% beer and headed out to grab some breakfast. From there, we headed over to Ikea to pick up a bunch of stuff and have some fun... and Swedish meatballs. After the shopping was over, it was back in the van for the 9 hour ride through Wyoming and back to Denver. Oh yeah... Utah sucks, there's no other way to say it. Enjoy.

I think this billboard is thanking people who torture animals?

I only wish that this logo had the twin towers and Jesus in it... cuz that's America!

The only cool thing in Utah is that they have these bright orange flags you have to grab and wave when you walk across the street. This Beatles photo had to be taken.

Me and my homie, Pedro.

This was on the side of a moving truck. I'm not sure how a picture of 2 men giving a young boy a birthday cake really says "moving company"... unless you're moving pedophiles.

That's how I roll... with the Reckless Rainbow.

You can find beauty in mass consumption.

This ad for Ikea would never happen.

I made some friends at Ikea.

I think we may have scarred some children in Ikea. Oh well.

I know... I'm a 12 year old. But it's still funny.

Most honorable Joe.

Take a big parking lot, shopping carts that fly and 5 child-like morons... and this is what you get.

Possibly my favorite photo from the trip.

On the long drive through Wyoming, Pedro got a little sleepy. So, he grabbed the blanket from behind the back seat to use as a pillow. Little did he know that the blanket had car battery acid all over it. All of a sudden, he said his back was burning and asked me to check it out. In less than a minute, blisters were starting to form. We stopped, cleaned it off, called the Center for Disease Control, and headed to a truck stop so he could shower.

The guilty blanket was left on the road side in Wyoming.

Woo hoo... Little America! We're there!!

This pretty much sums up Wyoming.

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