Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Sunday morning was a little rough after Saturday's all-day drinking and all-night dance party. The crew assembled and headed over to a damn good buffet at a local brewery. After that we parted ways, as Ghost Buffalo headed back to Denver and we were on the road to Salt Lake City. Unfortunately, none of us thought to pick up any beer for the road the night before. Both Colorado and Utah do not sell alcohol on Sundays... awesome.

We woke up on Sunday morning in 4 different rooms at the hotel, and somehow we were all watching the same thing... Tish Johnson. Not only is she a beautiful woman with a Louisiana coal miner's haircut who obviously loves America, but she is a pro bowler. When we all met downstairs to go grab breakfast, we all said "Hey, did you see Tish Johnson?!" The resounding answer was "Hell yeah!"

Chillin' in the morning sun after a dee-licious buffet at the brewery.

We went all themey for this one... get it Ghost Buffalo... with a buffalo. It's a metaphor, but that really happened. Oh yeah, and Jed looks like a JC Penney model.

Casey gettin' a little sassy in the van. Grrrrowwwllll...

Damn... coulda had fresh deer jerky.

Yeah, I wanna "Get Some!"

Ironically, there was no laundromat. Cool sign, though.

This little podunk town had some serious melon pride.

I am pretty sure this is where the Mormons are breeding humans for the race war.

300% hotter!!! Ay yay yay... I love unrefrigerated meat.

Worms, the American flag, something called "Blood Dip Bait, and a photo of Dale Earnhart. I almost cried cuz this place was so friggin' American.

For as much as Utah sucks, the landscape is amazing.

What's more international than burger, fries and a Coke?

Pobre Pedro... always representin.

Someone in the van was having some gastro-intestinal problems. I won't say who, but his name rhymes with Greff. Weird.

This was across the street from the bar. Casey spent a lot of time over there. Hmmm...

This was the bar Only Thunder played at that night - Burt's Tiki Lounge.

This was the cool bar puppy. Not as tough as he looks.

Inside the bar. It's a pretty cool place, and probably the best bar in Salt Lake City. I love the picture of Jesus with the pitcher of Bud and the crucified bunnies.

Casey likes to get on small objects. I'll let you fill in the blanks.

Andy really does love Mormons... but hates their beer.

The Gaslight Anthem killed it that night. I posted 3 videos from the show on my YouTube page.

Hell yeah!

Ethan and Scotty, the promoter for Burt's. I almost kicked this guy's ass, but decided not to cuz he has long hair and life is already hard enough for him.

Yup... we drank the bar out of PBR, and still didn't get drunk. Utah sucks. 3.2% beer sucks. 1 ounce shots (with bottle regulators) suck. But we did have the best sidewalk tacos EVER. And the whole cart was powered by the people's car battery. Rad.

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