Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Saturday morning, we all met at the Suburban Home warehouse to load up the van... 9 dudes, band gear, backpacks and a ton of PBR. The Ghost Buffalo crew was there, too. Everyone was given a Vinyl Collective beer cozy for the weekend. Just before we hit the road, it started snowing. Luckily, that cleared up pretty soon so the drive was mellow. After stopping for some cheap-ass pizza, Andy breaking a bunch of beer bottles in the K-Mart parking lot, and getting gas... we were on the road to Grand Junction. I'll stop rambling and just let you check out the photos. Enjoy.

Just as the beanie says, Casey is "Just a tease".

The flag was nice, but the SpongeBob seat covers were awesome.

I was going for the American Flag headband in the machine, but got these instead. Still pretty rad.

A view from the back seat.

Me, Scooter and Pedro... rollin' 3 deep!


You know who.

I'm pretty sure it's not illegal to drink in a moving vehicle if you have an awesome beer cozy. It's an obscure law, but it's real.

Tequila... it's like mother's milk to Pedro.

The sign outside this little liquor store in the middle of nowhere said "Be 21 or Be Gone". Then, I found this little one inside. I am pretty sure they mean "Mmm... Mmm... Good" because "Um... Um... Good" sounds like they're confused.

Two tough guys and a buffalo.

I love this photo... so friggin' rock star.

Apparently, Grand Junction has a baby shaking problem. Who knew?

Random signs in Grand Junction.

Ethan, Joe, Scooter and I headed over here for a few drinks before the show.

And look who was there... Gandolph the Magician (and his breathing apparatus).

Casey, Scooter and Joe backstage at the Mesa Theatre in Grand Junction. Joe is a cool guy... but he did tell me about a time when he shot a deer, cut it open and then bit into its liver. No joke.

I sent this photo to Chelsea and then she pointed out the lovely message "Joe Jacks Off Men" below my "I heart Chelsea" note. I know... pretty romantic.

It's true... Matt does equal balls.

In the green room, backstage at The Mesa Theatre.

Scooter putting the "love" back in Love Me Destroyer.

The eternal question... Who's got the van keys?

Insert Asian joke here.

Some graffiti is just so true... even if it misspells virginity.

Dudes reunited.

This was amazing. During Ghost Buffalo's set, Virgil hopped up on stage and did some freaky dancing. This pose captured it all.

Joe screened some pretty cool Only Thunder bags for the trip.

Only Thunder on stage in Grand Junction.

After the show, we all headed out to the front of the theatre where a DJ was playing records and the drinks were flowing. All of a sudden... a dance party ensued, and we ruled the floor.

Justin loves the Wu-Tang.

Matt and Marie from Ghost Buffalo were tearin' up the scene.

There was no stopping Matt once the rhythm hit him. He was on fire.

Yeah, I popped my collar. So what?

Gettin jiggy in Grand Junction.

Hard as steel.

The softer side of Ghost Buffalo.

After everyone was good and drunk, I had this great idea for a rail slide party. Pretty rad.

I think the song "More Than a Feeling" sparked this romance.

Ethan is single... and Virgil is easy. You do the math.

You can't stop this dance party!

Casey on the wheels of steel... or at least the little iPod scroll wheel. So urban.

Brian is in love, and I don't blame him.

Andy was feelin' the music.

The only two Asians in Grand Junction. Represent.

Thug murder.

After closing the bar, we drunkenly headed back to the hotel. Along the way, we raided a convenience store for late night snacks. Virgil really, really likes beef jerky. After a little help from the convenience store clerk, he was able to figure out how to open the beef jerky container. Nice boy... not too smart.

Scooter passed out around 10pm... and was then treated to a good "Sharpie-ing" from Matt. Well, that was until Scooter pulled out his knife and started randomly stabbing the seat. Game over.

This pretty much sums it all up.

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Sarah M. said...

Hey Geoff - This is Sarah Madia - I love your blog. I need to come party with you kids out in Denver. Too much fun to be had!