Tuesday, April 15, 2008


This new t-shirt from the creative minds over at FreshJive is amazing! I love it. And in case you don't know, this is a take-off from the old Suicidal Tendencies logo.

According to the site, the inspiration for the shirt actually came from going to S.T. shows...
I remember once being at a punk rock gig, accidentally catching the eye of some dude wearing a flannel and a bent up brim cap with a Suicidal logo on it, then having him and a dozen of his "Suicidal" posse up in my face about to kick my ass cause I "looked" at him. And it was never ONE guy coming up to you. It was a bunch of guys. They'd have you desperately trying to finagle your way out of getting an undeserved sock in the face, while avoiding a direct look in one of their eyes again. This was not an isolated incident. I've found myself in other similar situations, and I'm sure many other people have as well.

Time passed, and as I got older, I reflected on those times. I came to realize that perhaps all those guys were just venting their anger because they were dealing with the confusion of being homosexuals in the closet. I mean, it was always a bunch of dudes hanging out? Never girls? So now I have a soft spot for all those guys and the trouble they were dealing with during their adolescence.

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