Wednesday, August 29, 2007


My friend Bwana Spoons owns a great little shop in Portland called Grass Hut. He and his buddy, Scrappers, are having a show called "Welcome to California", that opens next Friday. This is the first show for these two gents together at Grass Hut. It will include new works, a mural, a secret installation, and california customs. I was lucky enough to grab this piece from Scrappers at Comic-Con this summer. So rad.

A little more about Grass Hut -
We are a studio, gallery, shop. The studio is home to Bwana Spoons and Justin "Scrappers" Morrison. We use the space to paint, doodle, and goof around. Folks like Bwana, Scrappers, Le Merde, Apak, Martin Ontiveros, Luke Ramsey, Cupco, Tim Biskup and many more help keep the gallery walls fresh and sincere. Grass Hut is also home to the finest indie-published zines, crafts, limited edition prints and random other stuff.

Both of these guys are great people, and are VERY talented. So go check out the show, and help support 2 good dudes.

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