Sunday, August 12, 2007


So, on the first Sunday of every month there is an antique fair/flea market on an old military base in Alameda (across the bay). This is the greatest place in the world to find everything from random crap like the head of a jaguar (for reals) to beautiful mid-century furniture. Below are just a few of the things we stumbled across one early Sunday morning. Enjoy...

The first thing we see as we are walking through the parking lot is this fresh ride. Yup, thats a 1998 Jesus. The shark is a nice touch. Represent!

My partner in crime for the day - Ed "the savior" O'Brien. (Also, "the shocker" for those who know)

So a giant hamburger, a mannequin and a zebra walk into a bar...

Daniel agreed, that tool on the bottom is not for woodworking. That was used to cut through bone.

Baby deer paw knife.... nothing creepy about that.

Kurt and I couldn't figure out what kind of twisted trophy this was, but we couldn't stop staring at it. Breath taking.

Three words - what... the... fuck?

WAIT, WAIT... I'm not dead!!!! (Hands down, the favorite of the day)

Bringin sexy back... Mr. Ed O'Brien.

In case you can't tell - thats a homemade fabric cross with a mug and saucer, dollar bill and "hand thrown cup" on it. Vaguely political... but I have no idea what it is trying to say.

Amanda found this little gem - a tea set for squirrels.

A three-legged glass dog. Stunning.

Yeah, I live in the Mission. Why?

Well... hello there!!

This helmet looked oddly good on Daniel. So much that I didn't have the heart to tell him that soldiers sometimes use their helmets as "port-o-potties."

Saddest of all... a one-armed child nurse with bad hooker make-up.

Fuck yeah, bro... PARTY 'TIL YOU PUKE!!

High class and the hands move! I'll take two.

This parasol is sooooo urban.

Burning Man, circa 1978

Just cuz kids dancing in suits look funny.

Aww, look at those puppies... Who wants to get wasted!!! If you read the small print on the left, it says " Count 'em. Look at the words on the Budweiser label. 7 of them tell you why Bud is so good."

Go to www.naked.tiger-striped.women.crystal to learn more about this fine art fetish.

"Now... you can change lanes..." Fuck yeah I can!!

Yup, that is a box for a "Black Pregnant Doll w/Baby". Oh yeah, and the doll was a child.

This combination was far too good to pass up. Hot! Hot! Hot!

I have seen a lot of pictures of JC, but none will crazy beard-curls like that. Christ got mad hyphy!

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