Monday, July 07, 2008


So... for Ninja Gun's last night in town, they got a gig with Ghost Buffalo and a band called Sleepercar at the Marquis. Sleepercar... good name, but who was it? I checked it out and it was JIM WARD! Yup, the same Jim Ward who played guitar in At The Drive-In and sang in Sparta. Needless to say, this was gonna be a good show.

Chelsea and I made a good dinner, and headed out for the night. We got over to The Marquis and the place was full of familiar faces and people ready to see a great show. Ninja Gun kicked off the show with a great set... not to mention, the soon-to-be classic hits "Dirt Weed" and "Do You Wanna See A Rainbow?" The crowd really got into them. Up next was Ghost Buffalo. They played some local faves and, of course, Matt mesmerized the audience with his guitar playing. Then came Sleepercar. It was late and we were tired, but Chelsea and I agreed to stay for one song.... that was until they played. We were hooked. Watching Jim Ward play was incredible. We ended up staying for the whole set and buying the new album, West Texas. I suggest everyone run out and get it... you'll thank me.

I've posted some videos from that night on my YouTube page.

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