Saturday, July 26, 2008


Last Sunday was an all-day BBQ show at the Larimer Lounge. The line-up for the day included skinny jean hipster asymmetical haircut jackasses with drum machines, pachouli stinkin' girl bands, Red Orange Yellow and Only Thunder. Needless to say, R.O.Y. and Only Thunder were the highlights of the afternoon. Plenty of friends showed up and the Miller High Life was flowing, so it was a good day.

I shot a few videos from Red Orange Yellow and Only Thunder, including Andy singing the Helmet classic Unsung. Here are some shots from the afternoon. Enjoy.

When we got there, the Only Thunder boys had already polished off 3 bottles of champagne and decided to tattoo their knuckles for the show.

Casey... reppin' LAKE SIDE.

Joe... showin' his CHOP SUEY pride.

Pedro... likes to BEAT KIDS.

ANDY... says FUCK R.O.Y.

Ethan... well, he's a PIG SLAYR.

Loni... just livin' the CUNT LIFE.

The best way I can describe the sound of Red Orange Yellow is "art noise". You really have to see them live to appreciate how good they are.

Andy found this flier at the bar. Hawk Attack is bound to be huge! Not only do they have a great name, cowboy hats, and obviously amazing graphics, but their MySpace name is HawkandRoll. Killer, bro... killer.

As usual, Only Thunder killed it...

... even though Pedro was wearing a doo-rag and flip-flops. That was, until someone yelled that you can't rock out in flip-flops. Thanks dude.

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