Monday, July 07, 2008


Matt from Ghost Buffalo stopped by the Suburban Home headquarters the other day to say hi, and show us this. This is a review for their latest album from some idiot over at Read Junk. After reading this, Virgil contacted the moron who wrote it and told him how completely inappropriate it was. He immediately took it down and blamed it on being really drunk. This is no excuse for the line "... knows her way around an erect penis."

Soon after, the PR agent for Suburban Home sent out this email to the reviewer and everyone in the industry:
As some of you know I do/have done a lot of freelance publicity work for indie/punk labels. Recently, I had one of the labels I consistently do work for (Suburban Home) send off the new Ghost Buffalo album to Read Junk Magazine (a somewhat low-key online publication). Adam, the editor and primary contributor of the website, tends to be one of those critics who fancies himself a comedian. Without getting into all of the details of the whole ordeal one of the lines in the review of the disc referred to the band's singer, Marie, as "seeming as though she might know her way around an erect penis". Whether he was going for shock value or somehow thought this was amusing is entirely irrelevant; there's already a shortage of women playing in the context of underground music and objectification and/or uncalled for sexualization really isn't going help matters. Plus, as Marie and the rest of the band didn't craft a concept album about navigating cocks, the remark has no place in a review. Virgil from Suburban Home e-mailed Read Mag with a complaint and the review was promptly changed. However, the damage is done. So, while I doubt many of you do regularly read the publication, if you do please stop. Fellow publicists that may read this bulletin are also encouraged, as I have, to remove Adam and Read Junk from your databases and servicing lists. And Adam, if you happen to read this please stop writing. In the rare event that you actually find yourself in the company of a decent woman I'd like to think that you'd stop inking this type of lobotomized grade school boy bullshit.

Pretty great. If any of you meet the reviewer, Adam Coozer, please feel free to knock a few teeth out of his little head... and send them to Marie.

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