Thursday, July 17, 2008


It's a little after 10pm and I'm sitting here with a glass of wine, listening to my favorite podcast, The Westword Spiral. With the new job, life has been pretty busy. I am finally getting around to posting some photos from a great 4th of July party at Zach and Nicole's new house. Enjoy.

Oh yeah, and in case you forgot... USA, USA, USA!!! Or something like that?

Apparently, these colors DO run. Lara and the grill master Zach, showing off their pride.

Why the hell would you sit further than 2 feet from the keg AND the grill?

The grill just got a little grizzlier... be warned.

There was no shortage of American-ness at this shindig. Giant cookies, fruit tarts, cakes and pies... oh my!

Lauren and Aaron Ray just can't believe the pride!!

This was Lauren's masterpiece. I think the cake says it all.

This is Joey. Joey loves cake, but he dropped his piece in the grass. That wasn't gonna stop him on America's birthday... he just scooped it out of the grass and into his mouth. We were all quite proud.

Peek a boo, Joey.

There were some damn cool dogs at the party, Mia and Baxter. See the bandana on Baxter... that's my eagle riding a Harley bandana. Also, check out my sweet USA eagle visor.

Baxter the boxer.

Little Mia the bulldog.

Virgil says "Start 'em young!" Don't worry... I've forwarded this photo onto Child Protective Services.

Even though Logan was 4 beers down, he was still takin' it to the hoop.

I was drinkin'... for America, that is!

Chelsea and I brought these glasses and koozies. Thank you Dollar Tree store!

There's nothin funnier than trying to light the back of your friend's arm on fire. Sorry Casey... it was funny for the drunk guy.

Fireworks are fun.

Back to college... Lara doin' a keg stand.

Ryan was up next... sissy.

Yours truly, showing off his San Diego State pride. Even better... check out Ryan's fist pumping support in the photo on the right. Thanks dude!

Lauren was not about to be shown up. This girl can drink. Don't worry about the guy with his hand on her ass... it's her husband.

You can't beat USA flip flops. Good night, America.

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