Saturday, September 20, 2008


The long weekend of music and boozin' started off Thursday night at The Columbine in Golden. On a rainy night, Chelsea and I headed into the bar to find it chock full of guys in black shirts and Converse... not your normal site at The Columbine, which is usually full of off-duty Coors employees. It was great to walk into a place where almost everyone was a familiar face because we were all there for the same reason - to celebrate Virgil's 13 years of sticking it out as an independent record label. This is no easy task and he's had his ups and downs, but he's made it work and put out a lot of great music. This accomplishment definitely deserved a party.

Due to the rain, all of the musicians played inside the tiny bar... with the jukebox as a background. It was the most intimate show I've ever seen. The acoustic line-up that night was Andy "Totally" Thomas (Only Thunder), Johnathan Coody (Ninja Gun), Mike Williamson (Jr. Juggernaut), Mike Hale (In The Red), Austin Lucas and Scooter James (Love Me Destroyer). Check out videos from that night at The Columbine on my YouTube page.

Andy "Totally" Thomas (of Only Thunder fame) kicked off the night with a GREAT set. Every time I see him play, he gets better and better. I can't wait until he releases a solo album.

Up next was Coody from Ninja Gun. This Southern boy can play anything, and have a good time doing it. A couple of crowd favorites were "Tard Strong" (about super-human strength) and "Wheelchair Buffet" (about being so fat that you have to wheel yourself to the buffet). I'm hoping those gems show up on the next Ninja Gun record. He was also handed a request on a bar napkin to play some Hank Williams and he obliged by playing a Hank Williams, Jr song. Amazing.

Mike Williamson of Jr. Juggernaut took the mic next. He said it was his first solo appearance, but you would never have known it. Aside from being an incredibly nice person, Mike's voice was so strong that it was hard not to be totally drawn in by it.

I know it looks like Mike Williamson is reaching out to pinch Austin's cheeks, but he'a actually lending a hand to a unruly mic stand.

Austin Lucas, the newest member to the Suburban Home family, has one of the most legit country voices I've ever heard. He also has the guitar skills to back it up. It was crazy to see a kid with a crusty punk background play these great country tunes. Behind that baby face is a truly talented musician. I'm proud to say that I will be designing Austin's upcoming album for Suburban Home. Stay tuned.

Mike Hale, singer for Gunmoll and In The Red, traded his punk voice that night for a soft, introspective tone. Because of the size of the bar, we were all sitting within a few feet of Mike and it was the perfect setting (aside from the noise) to see him play... intimate and full of friends. I was really excited to meet Mike that night because I've been a fan of both his punk and acoustic endeavors for a while... and he definitely did not disappoint. I am also happy to announce that I will be designing Mike's upcoming solo record on Suburban Home.

The gang... and the man with a plan, Virgil Dickerson, dead center in the crowd.

Forest and Fogal were in attendance. It was like a mini-Gamits reunion. Try not to look too happy, Chris.

Here's Ethan showing off his new doo rag, and proving how tough Thornton really is.

The Columbine is essentially (and literally) Scooter's second home. He's been drinking and playing shows there for years. The locals were proud to see a Golden boy take the stage and play some damn good tunes.

That night was also Ethan's birthday... and we all made sure he was having a good time. Apparently, so did a young lady in the parking lot. Hmmm...

Aside from being washer's partners... we're also part-time models. Sexy, I know.

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