Sunday, September 28, 2008


Thursday night... here's what I remember - a delicious BBQ at Brian's house, some beer, free tickets and a backstage pass to one of my all-time favorite bands Lagwagon at The Ogden, more beer, Lagwagon playing an incredible show, Jagermeister, even more beer and shots... and that's where it gets fuzzy. According to the following photos, and a few stories I've been told, I had a great time backstage enjoying a fully stocked booze fridge with my friends Joey, Virgil, Andy, Caroline and the band. Thanks for the tix, Virgil.

I also posted some videos on my YouTube page.
Enjoy... I sure as hell did.

Joey, Joey Cape, Virgil, yours truly, Caroline... before the show in the green room backstage.

Joey getting his gear ready to trim that dirty little moustache on stage.

That is one handsome duo.
P.S. - This was a little surreal for me because I've been a huge Lagwagon fan for 15 years. See kids... dreams do come true.

MxPx... live. I've never been a fan because of their religious ties, but they put on a damn good show.

Ghost on stage.

Yes, ladies... Andy is single.

More MxPx.

Something's not right with this dude's arm.

We were lucky enough to watch the entire show from the stage, and I gotta say the view is pretty great.

After their set, the MxPx guys kicked it for a while backstage. The drummer was giving Andy a bit of an extended massage, but I'm pretty sure he liked it.

Then... Lagwagon took the stage and the place exploded.

Jon Snodgrass (far right) joined the party.

Dave Raun, also the drummer for Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, was beatin' the hell out of those drums. Insane.

"Hey guys, you know what we should do? Drink way too much." "Sounds like a good idea, Jon. Let's do it!"

Rockin' on stage.

The roadie diggin' deep.

"Seriously Joey... I need another beer. Don't worry about how much I've already spilled on my shirt."

"Ahhhh... me, too."

God damn... that was a good night.

Long time buddies, Jon Snodgrass and Joey Cape.

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I'm gonna see that guy (jon not joey, well... probably both}