Monday, August 25, 2008


Yeah, yeah... I know the Denver Post Underground Music Showcase was a couple weeks ago, but I've been busy. If you missed the DPUMS, I feel sorry for ya. It was like a mini-SXSW. 2 days... 20 venues... over 100 bands! Here are some photos from those 2 days of pure Denver rock n' roll drunkeness.

Be sure to check out my videos from the weekend on my YouTube page. Enjoy.

Ghost Buffalo, Only Thunder and The Omens at 3 Kings Tavern

Only Casey

Only Pedro

Only Matty (from Sleeper Horse) and Only Justin


The one and only... Hackl.

The Omens... with my buddy Forest on drums. Pretty damn amazing.

Garage rock + late '60s surf rock = The Omens

Forest... killin' it on the drums.
This was a perfect way to end the night.

Scooter James, Andy Thomas, Marie Litton, Matt Bellinger, Chad Price, Jon Snodgrass and Drag The River at the South Broadway Christian Church
The Wheel at Rock The Cradle
The Archive at Blue Ice
Eyes and Ears and Kingdom of Magic at 3 Kings Tavern

The line-up for the day. My favorite was Drag The River... of Drag The River. Way to go kids.

Now that's a picture... Scooter, a church and the American flag. We all sat back, waiting for lightning to strike. But, I must say, Scooter was quite polite and decided not to play "Angelfuck" for the church crowd. Good move, dude.

Is this some kind of sign?

Andy Thomas absolutely killed it with his set. Honestly, everyone there was on the edge of their seats and blown away by how incredible Andy's voice and playing was. Andy also opted out of playing the crowd favorite "Crime Scene Clean Up," while in the holy land. Keep your eyes on this local boy... he's damn good!

A rare sighting of the Rocky Mountain legend, Magic Cyclops.

You can find art anywhere... even next to a dumpster in the alley.

After watching The Wheel play a mind-blowing set at a children's clothing store, Casey and I decided that a $1.45 tall boy of PBR in the alley sounded a lot better than the a $4.00 Miller Light in a lame bar. Ethan agreed and joined us. From this cherry location, we were able to check out Stand By Your Band - a pretty impressive cover band that was rockin out with The Arcade Fire.

I think Casey summed it up best... "How an alley...a couple of brown bags with PBR tall arcade fire cover band...and some Mexicans moving furniture. I'm in love with summer love."

After our alley adventures, it was off to the most random show of the day... The Archive at Blue Ice. Blue Ice is a hip hop club with curtains, couches and TVs playing some sweet booty-shakin videos. It was a little surreal, but the good kind of surreal. Oh yeah, and the singer looks like Rivers Cuomo from Weezer.

Fay Guy... that's his name, I swear.

We just couldn't get enough of that picturesque alley spot, next to the dumpster. Ethan and I met up with Andy Tanner from Laymen Terms and 2 of his friends (front) from the mecca of 'Merica-ness, Colorado Springs. Good times, good times.

After a few (too many) drinks, Andy and Ethan decided that ticklin' the ivories at the church was a good idea... and it was. These kids can play!

Matt and Marie, Denver rock couple and one half of Ghost Buffalo, took the stage at the church and played a great set. They played original material, a Nirvana cover and a folk classic... what's not to love about these two?!

Off to 3 Kings... where Chuck and Mike from Eyes and Ears were loud and fun. I was drunk and drunk.

If you've been drinkin' since noon, hangin' out with friends and you're tired as hell... go to a Kingdom of Magic show. It will change your life!

With a drummer this powerful... the place was bound to explode, and it did. Just look at how thrashed those sticks are.

I cannot imagine a better soundtrack to the end of 2 great days of music than Lucius's screaming. Behind that beard is one powerful throat.

That is some thrash-worthy headbanging. Damn dude... thank you.

Here is a shot from the Gigbot photo booth in the parking lot next to the Hi-Dive. You can't see it... but Virgil, Ethan, Casey and I are pointing at Andy on the ground. Shut up... it was funny at the time.

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