Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Hidden amongst the khaki pants and blue shirt madness that is the DNC in Denver, lives Manifest Hope... an art show based on the ideals of presidential hopeful Barack Obama. Hosted by the ever-amazing Andenken Gallery, the show boasts over 10,000 square feet of art-enriched space on upper Larimer.

I was lucky enough to get a press pass to see the show on Sunday, before it opened. Inside Andenken and the adjacent building was canvas after canvas of Obama-centered genius in the form of art. With everyone from local artists to the likes of art stars Ron English and Shepard Fairey, this event was a who's who of people who are changing America's artistic landscape.

According to the Manifest Hope site...
"Art plays a pivotal role in creating cultural momentum. The Manifest Hope Gallery celebrates that role and shines a spotlight on artists across the nation who use their voices to amplify and motivate the grass roots movement surrounding the Obama Campaign. The Manifest Hope Gallery highlights the central themes of the progressive grass-roots movement- Hope Change, Progress, Unity and Patriotism."

If you live in the greater Rocky Mountain area and don't go to this show, you are a fool. Art like this doesn't pop up in Denver every day.

Here are some shots from the show. Enjoy.

Outside Andenken, the bicycle wheel "HOPE" sculpture is one of my favorite pieces in (well... out) of the show.

On the walk to the gallery next door, I almost stepped on this little gem from Sam Flores and David Choe.

Hey look... it's Morgan Spurlock, of Supersize Me fame.

Art stars Ron English and Shepard Fairey, in front of English's masterpiece.

Shepard... never ceasing to amaze me.

"Erin Go Barack"... genius.

SF superstar, Sam Flores.

Boulder superstar, Scott Lefavor.

Air Obama

This detail in this piece from David Choe was incredible.

The Date Farmers


Anonymous said...

The Date Farmer's Obama looks alot like W.

Anonymous said...

^ he looks depressed that he looks like W

Anonymous said...

pssst. he looks like Beito Juarez...