Monday, August 25, 2008


The music showcase weekend of boozin' continued... with Scooter's birthday bash on Sunday at The Columbine in Golden. The day was great - tons of friends showed up, perfect weather, we played horse shoes for hours, enjoyed pitcher after pitcher of ice cold Coors and ate some damn good grub from chef extraordinaire, Charlie.

I honestly don't remember much... but I did wake up on Scooter's couch around 4 a.m., surrounded by Taco Bell wrappers with Harold & Kumar on the TV. Damn, that must have been a good night.

I saw this cake and thought it would be perfect for Scooter, our little princess.

The birthday boy.

Check out that horse shoe throwing form. Nah... check out those legs!

Scooter and his lovely lady, Sarah. Hold onto to that woman... she's a keeper.

Charlie... so tough, yet sooooo delicate. The ballet didn't quite work out, so he became an amazing chef. Good choice.

Logan can't believe what he just saw.

Just guys being guys... Charlie, Scooter, Forest and Me, Scooter, Cody.

The crew.

The ladies of Love Me Destroyer.

The Golden Boys... like father, like son.

Charlie was on TV that morning, doing a cooking spot. We all gathered to watch... he sure likes the word "absolutely." Pretty rad.

Scooter... looking like a proud father with an ugly daughter.

Scooter, pops, and sis Mel.
Happy birthday, dude.

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