Monday, October 01, 2007


On this bright and sunny Sunday, thousands of leather-clad gay men descended upon the SOMA district of San Francisco for the Folsom Street Fair. Described as "the grand daddy of all leather events," Folsom is always a people watcher's fantasy. From chaps to chainmail, latex to spandex, bad boys to bears... there was plenty to see.

To start off, here are a few shots from my walk to the street fair...
This is an amazingly detailed 3-color stencil on a tile.

I love the dripping cloud and the kitty head stickers.

Stay punk. Right on, bro.

The art of Brian Nuda Rosch

The lovebird.

Good luck, you two.

Lonely, urban chair.

If you know this writer's real name, its pretty damn clever.

Ice cream and roses, Mission style.

This is just sad.

Random graf on Duboce... and JAUT still cares.

This is like, soooo metaphysical it blows my mind.

Something told me these guys might be on their way to the street fair. It coulda been the jock straps... or the banana bandanas...or the making out along the way, but I'm just not sure.

My partner in crime, Anee, thinking "Is there something on my forehead?"

Welcome to the party...
The horse hooves are a nice touch.

To me, the kinkiest part of this cos-play spandex animal costume is the fanny pack. Sweet jersey, dude.

No, no, no... this dress just won't do!

Damn, check out that waist. And it looks like Batman has got a new Robin. Flame on!

This gentleman got my coveted "stache of the day" award.

Pretty in pink.

This guy was having his own "party," and has been for the last 53 years. Get yer dance on, Sparkly Stan.

This chick had some rad boots, with the little known "Club Ken" and "Bottom Ken."

I... uh... well...

The New Mexico-esque howling wolf tattoo on this guy is real. I'm sure he will never regret that drunken evening.

What the hell is a female blow-up doll doing here?

Guys dressed like babies, drinking beer... and one with leather hand mittens. That is a very niche fetish.

Just another baby.

The direct approach is always best... and the arrow is a nice touch.

This sign was a total lie. I never saw those rats wearing a hat or sunglasses. That's gotta hurt business.

Do I look pretty? I said... DO I LOOK PRETTY?!!

So a fuzzy red bear and a latex mouse with a gas mask walk into a bar...

This guy is the reason why women don't come to Folsom. He must be a gynecologist, because it looks like he could give himself a mammogram.

The kink never stops.

No need to tan before you come out, fellas.

Race car guy has a hat made of film negatives, and the other is a tribute to the first-ever "club kid."

This was the only sign of religious nuttery. Idiots.

Fruit Loop Man was one of my favorites.

Look at the size of that pretzel!!

High above the masses was a caged dancer.

Anee posing for the paparazzi and enjoying a good mullet.

Masks were in full effect today.

The latest in latex boot fashion.

This turn-of-the-century tea party was pretty cool - complete with tea and scones.

The guy on the left is the only white supremist gay man I have ever seen. On his chest was a large "Aryan Pride" tattoo. Way to hate, dude. Oh yeah, and nice wireless headset. I wonder if he saw the best tattoo of the day, on the right. Look closely...

Then I headed over to Oakland, to meet up with the kids from HIJK...
Trevor looks like some type of tribal king in front of this wall piece.

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