Sunday, January 25, 2009


2008 saw one of the greatest tours to ever hit the road... The Revival Tour. The tour featured Chuck Ragan (Hot Water Music), Tim Barry (Avail) and Ben Nichols (Lucero) - along with multiple guests in each town. Back in late October, the tour finally made it's way to Colorado and hit Ft. Collins first. There was no way we were gonna wait until the next night when they were playing in Denver... that would be too easy. So, we packed up the Sleeper Horse van (complete with a 1980s Dolly Parton pink interior) and headed north. The crew was Josh, Aaron, Virgil, Ralph, Caroline, Jenn, PBR and myself. We made our way to The Aggie theater and met up with the guys. Also on the bill that night were our friends Austin Lucas and Jon Snodgrass. I had been waiting for this show for months and knew it was gonna be a good night... and it was. Here are a few photos from the show. If you actually want to see some good photos, Ralph posted some here.

I also posted some videos from the evening on my YouTube page:
Tim Barry (The Revival Tour) - Dog Bumped
Ben Nichols and Jon Snodgrass (The Revival Tour) - Old Sad Song
Austin Lucas with Chuck Ragan (The Revival Tour) - Sun or Snow
and Austin was kind enough to dedicate a song to me... Austin Lucas with Chuck Ragan (The Revival Tour) - Man Alive This might be my favorite song of 2008. So good.

Our sweet chariot.

That's Ralph... just be glad he's hiding his face. It ain't pretty.

I believe the term is "road sodas". Dee-lish.

Jenn and Caroline braved the trip with a bunch of stinky dudes. They are rock stars in my book.

Ralph showing Virgil that he really is prettier in pink. You go girl!

We park the van, get out and this is the first thing we see. I'd love to see the bitter, chain smoking hag that teaches this class.

We had some great side stage spots for the show, but my pictures didn't turn out too good.

Check out Ralph's photos... he's an "artist".

Caroline and Josh.

Me and the knuckleheads... Caroline, Aaron and Josh.

To say Virgil had a "good time" at the show would be a major understatement. Here, Jenn and Caroline are "guiding" him down the street... after peeing in a shop doorway. Maybe hitting up the Surfside Seven for more drinks after the show wasn't a good idea? But, we did get to hear Josh sing all The Gaslight Anthem songs on the jukebox. Awesome.

After a 3am stop at a sidewalk gyro stand, it was back in the van and off to the hotel. Virgil passed out as soon as he sat down... poor Caroline.

This one is my favorite.

After some LATE night adventures at the local Denny's, it was breakfast burritos and back on the road to Denver. Ralph decided to catch up on some sleep. All in all... it was an epic evening. Thanks guys!

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