Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Andy took copious notes during our meeting last week, and emailed out the minutes. Here is a little insight to the inner workings behind Suburban Home Records. Enjoy.

11:06 Meeting commences
11:06 Geoff Allen is notably absent, apparently to good for his fellow "co-workers." It is decided that he doesn't actually "work" here, so meeting begins without him.
11:08 Punk Rock Flea Market canceled due to total lack of interest.
11:08 Mackenzie states she does not know who Logan Dickerson is. Immediately fired from the company.
11:09 Logan interrupts meeting.
11:10 Geoff Allen joins meeting, a collective sigh of disappointment is heard
11:11 Marie Litton bails on aforementioned flea market because she will be sick or tired or washing her hair or something.
11:12 Seabron devises way to get her underage friends drunk
11:13 Virgil states he would like to put together an "all-star" lineup, forgetting that no "all -star" performer would have anything to do with Suburban Home or any of its affiliates.
11:14 Logan interrupts meeting.
11:15 More "cheap crap that nobody wants" sales are discussed.
11:15 Andy becomes hungry, stops paying attention to meeting and thinks about what to eat for lunch
11:19 After nearly 4 minutes of internal debate and struggle, Andy decides he would like tacos for lunch.
11:20 Justin doesn't know about something going on with the company, no one is surprised.
11:21 Logan interrupts meeting.
11:22 Blah, blah, blah, blah
11:25 Meeting adjourned

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