Sunday, May 11, 2008


Well... it's another beautiful Sunday morning here in Denver, sunny and quiet. I'm sitting out on the front porch with a cup of coffee, listening to The Gaslight Anthem. Across the street, birds and squirrels are playing on tree branches and roof tops. Must be a good day for them, too.

It's been a pretty darn good weekend all together. Friday night was Casey's birthday down at Don's - a great little dive bar nearby. Tons of people showed up to celebrate... and celebrate we did! We closed the bar and then stumbled in the rain down to Justin and Caroline's place for a few more drinks. That's when Casey's shirt came off and the Sharpie came out (photos to come). Virgil and I ended the night with a 3 a.m. trip to Jerusalem's for the Mediterranean veggie plate. It was dee-licious.

Yesterday was the Punk Rock Flea Market at 3 Kings Tavern. We loaded up the cars with vinyl, cds, and t-shirts and headed down to the bar. I think the first PBR was cracked right at noon. It was soon followed up with an amazing hangover breakfast from Sputnik - scrambled eggs topped with fries and veggie green chili. Beer and breakfast... mmm, mmm, good! The flea market was mellow, but a ton of fun. The musical guests for the day were Andy from Only Thunder and Scooter from Love Me Destroyer. Andy is normally a drummer, but yesterday he just sat down with his guitar and sang some damn good songs. Hopefully, he'll do some more solo sets cuz I was diggin' it. Scooter was sick as a dog, but pulled it out and played a good set. The kids from Murder By Death are on tour and came to hang out for the day. They were awesome, really good dudes.

I also spent a long time talking to legendary rock poster artist and master silkscreener, Lindsey Kuhn. I have been a big fan of his work for years... and you may be too, if you have ever seen any early work of Pushead or Conspiracy Skateboards. We chatted about art, music, the indie scene and the world of toys. Lindsey was really cool and I'm glad we got to meet. I am hoping to stop by the SwapCo warehouse soon and maybe interview him.

After the flea market, Dylan and Joey were having a BBQ over at their house. The Murder By Death guys are staying there this weekend because Dylan is their tour merch guy and they played in Denver on Friday night. We kicked it in the backyard all night... eating veggie burgers, drinkin' PBR and telling stories. Dagan is a funny dude with some good stories about Indiana. Matt and I bonded over our love for Greg Dulli's voice (The Afghan Whigs and The Twilight Singers). He also played me some of The Gutter Twins stuff and I was blown away. The Gutter Twins is Dulli and Mark Lanegan (Screaming Trees). If you haven't heard it, please go check it out. You'll thank me.

Alright, I need another cup of coffee. I'll post some photos and videos tonite. Have a great Sunday. Get outside. Go for a bike ride. Have a picnic.

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