Wednesday, May 07, 2008


After hangin' out with Scooter Friday night, we decided to check out the cruisin' car show up in Golden on Saturday. So, I met up with Scooter and Forest at the Columbine. This is a great bar. I walked in and asked what they had on tap... this is the part of the movie where the record skips. Tina (the bartender) said "Coors... and Coors Light." Being that Golden is the home of Coors, I knew this was a dumb question on my part. Needless to say, I enjoyed a delicious Coors. I also won $50 on the Kentucky Derby there, thanks to a little gamblin' that Chris the bartender (Tina's brother) set up. Pay $5 and get 2 random horses. I got the favorite... and it actually won! It's a good thing I didn't get the second place horse, cuz they shot if after the race. Not for losing, but for 2 broken legs. Sucks, dude.

Check out this old Pinhead Circus photo of the band in front of the Columbine. See that window? Well, Forest put a guy through it a long time ago. Now it's plexiglass. On another side note, there were some bullet holes in the bar walls. Scooter told me that happened about 20 years ago... when the Klan drove by and shot up the place. No joke. Apparently, they weren't too happy with the fact that the bar is owned and operated by a Greek family. Insane.

The Columbine. Note to the wise - beer and horseshoes don't always mix. I am now down to 9 finger nails.

This was our ride for the day, Forest's 1965 Suburban. Awesome car.

Scooter and Kyle were our soundtrack for the day, while we cruised downtown Golden.

And the piece de resistance... a '48 Cadillac. We all agreed that this was the coolest car of the day.

The Caddy was completely remodeled, with Ostrich interior. So fresh.

We headed over to the Buffalo Rose for yet another drink. With a PBR in hand, I turned around and saw this... The Lobster Zone. You know those kids machines with stuffed animals and the claw? Well, this one is filled with real lobsters. I couldn't believe it... $2 and you got yourself a half-dead, pissed off lobster. Like the slogan says "You catch 'em. We cook 'em."

We ended the night at a house party and musical jammy jam. When I went into the kitchen, I couldn't find anything meatless. So I had to improvise. That led to my now-famous mixed nut and birthday cake filled hot dog bun. That's how real I keep it.

Aw... what a cute dog. That is until you put your hand down for a second and the little bastard steals your mixed nut and birthday cake filled hot dog.

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