Monday, October 19, 2009


Damn... Saturday was epic!! Spent the day with the Suburban Home crew on the Chad Price Brewery Tour... 10 shows at 10 breweries in one day. Starting at 9am, we traveled with Chad in the Oskar Blues RV to 10 great breweries around Colorado. A lot of... fun with great friends, great music and beer. The only thing missing was Chelsea. I posted some videos from the day on my YouTube page. Enjoy.

The Oscar Blues rock star tour bus... this is the ONLY way to travel.

Our coach Virgil giving us the plan for the day.

Bob, our driver, layin' down the rules of the road.

Yup, bobble head Jesus was there... and apparently he's totally into "beads for deeds."

Technology is awesome... Tetris, now & then.

Our fearless leaders.

The first road soda of the day. Luckily, the fridge was fully stocked... thanks Oskar Blues!

The lounge.

Black in Bluhm... representin'

Putting together Suburban Home samplers on the RV.

The crew at the first stop... Odell Brewery in Ft. Collins.

The Odell Brewery tap room... I love this shot.

Makin' beer... mmmmm.

Chad playing show #1 at Odell. Isolation Ale is the perfect background for his music.

Trista, Chad, Virgil and Steph.

Chad joins the gang on the RV for the rest of the day.

Show #2 at Road 34 Pub in Ft. Collins

Chad playin at Road 34... sounded great!

Justin getting to live out one of his dreams.

Road 34 is a really cool pub inside.

Bicycles hanging from the ceiling, log stools and dee-licious beer.

A perfect photo op... Chad playing with his solo album poster hanging in the background. I can't wait for his record to come out this week!

Live at Road 34

Nicole and Brandon heading back to the RV... off to the next drinkin' spot!

Yup, Brandon is a creepy dude.

Just cuz Joey is making a goofy face.

Chris had to take a time-out... in the shower on the RV.

Back in the RV bedroom, a good time was had by all... especially Fogal and Zach.

Back in the RV bedroom, a good time was had by all... especially Fogal and Zach.

Inside the Tasty Weasel tap room.

Chad rockin the Tasty Weasel.

In hindsight, Alan really regretted ordering that pitcher of chicken bones and beer at the Oskar Blues restaurant. Poor guy.

Nicole givin' the "what up, son!"

Yeah... he rocks that hard.

Chad playing an incredible set at the Left Hand Brewery tap room. The acoustics in this all wood room were incredible.

Drunkeness is setting in, and much like a mullet... the party was in the back!

Virgil and Steph cuttin' a rug at the Breckenridge Brewery.

So damn cute.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like agood time was had by all! Great picts. Ann Lysek