Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Sunday was a damn good day here in Denver. Not only did I get to spend the afternoon with Chelsea at the awesome Denver Zoo (photos to come), but some friends rolled into town on tour. Ninja Gun and Mike Hale joined my buddies Andy Thomas and Only Thunder for a rock n' roll extravaganza at 3 Kings Tavern. A lot of good people showed up and the show was a ton of fun. It's always great to see the Ninja Gunners and Mike. They are truly some of the most genuinely nice and sincere people I have ever met. Below are some photos from the show and a few videos. Sorry about the lighting, it was pretty dark in there. As always, stop by my YouTube page to see more live music.

For some reason, I really like this grainy picture of Andy. It reminds me of his music, in a good way.

Andy Thomas... live!

Mike Hale had an incredible set of soft and sober tunes. I'm loving the new record... it's painful but honest. Congrats, dude.

Mr. Hale and I chattin' it up in the green room at 3 Kings.

Backstage with my amigos... Ninja Gun. This may be the best photo of Coody, ever.

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