Saturday, April 18, 2009


After some unexpected weather in Wyoming, Only Thunder and The Revenge decided to play a 2nd tour kickoff show in Denver at 3 Kings. That night they were also joined by local rockers Mustangs and Madras. Since they had played the night before at the same venue, this show was all about having a good time and putting on a great show for friends and fans.

Nick from Mustangs and Madras also joined each band on stage to cover 2 amazing songs - New Noise by Refused with The Revenge and Unsung by Helmet with Only Thunder. Check out my YouTube page to see videos of both of these, as well as other songs from the night. Enjoy.

Andy "Totally" Thomas and his long haired amigo were there and ready to rock. On a side note, this guy tried to steal a page out of a porno mag at the merch booth. No joke.


Mikey and his new custom Hackl guitar, made by our very own Justin Hackl.

Yes, that is a fetus inside. And yes, it lights up. So rad.

These guys always put on a fun show.


Justin playing his own custom guitar. Check out the fancy inlaid pearl name in the wood.



Good night, kids.

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