Saturday, February 07, 2009


Here are a few photos from last night's art party at Suburban Home. I always intend to take more pics, but last night I saw too many familiar faces and spent the night chatting with a ton of good peeps. I finally got to meet some new friends, via my YouTube page - Briks and Justin. Thanks for coming out, kids... you guys are awesome. Also, the Continental Club re-opened last night under its new ownership and name, One Eyed Jacks. A group of us headed down there to check out the spot. Looks exactly the same, just a little more rockabilly and one less pool table.

Thanks again Virgil, for always putting on a good party... and the Que Bueno was dee-lish!

The cool kids... my lady, my buddy Aaron Thackeray and rockstar Sara.

You can't say Sub Home doesn't throw a classy shindig. Mmmmm... nachos, lil' smokies and hot wings. It was the perfect match for the cooler full of Mad Dog 20/20, Boone's Farm and box wine. No joke.

It didn't take long for the shotgun challenge to take place. Kap, Virgil and Joey going for gold!

The creep cam. Ralph and the gang hooked up a time lapse camera aimed directly at the crotches of everyone in the front room. I can't wait to see that footage.

Amazing live photography from artist (and good dude) Aaron Thackeray. Sorry about the bad photos.

Some great collage pieces from artist/designer extraordinaire Aaron Ray. Again, sorry for the bad photos.

Large cityscapes from Brandon Proff.

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