Friday, October 24, 2008


So... I am finally getting back to the blog and playing a little catch-up. I have been so focused on getting my site done, that I have been neglecting this little guy.

A few weeks back, a couple of my buddies organized a "dudes weekend." We went to a house out in the middle of nowhere and had 2 days of pure "dude stuff." You know... eating too much, drinking way too much, chainsaws, BBQing, video games, fire, etc... It was a damn good weekend. Here are some shots from the lovely and talented Cory Grunkemeyer. Enjoy.

The dudes (left to right) - Cory, Zach, Fogal, Dylan, Virgil, Stabba, Kap, me, Sean, Chuck, Joey

The property and the view were incredible. Coming from California, I've never had seasons before. To see the Aspen trees turn color was a real awakening about how amazing nature truly is.

That's Baxter, our guard dog and professional stick catcher.

Then the party got started... and so did the chainsaw.
Beer + chainsaw = good times.

Insert penis joke here. Poor Joey.

Drunken Virgil... always a good time.

Fogal and Zach trapped in a camera, but still having fun. I'm not sure, but I think they may have been drinking.

And of course, a giant fire.

Here are a couple shots I took:

Baxter, looking pretty fierce.

... and looking like he's gonna eat my arm.

Fogal, playing hard to get with Baxter. He eventually gave in to the love.

While flipping around 900 satellite channels, we found some good wholesome shows.

We ended up finding a 7 hour documentary on the history of rock on VH1. Here's a shot of a young Peter Gabriel, when he was in Genesis with Phil Collins. Yes, he's wearing a red dress and a bear head... sooo rock n' roll.

I just like this guy's beard.

These Aspens are a color that even Crayola hasn't figured out yet.

In case read the sign on the left, it's a drop-off taxidermy business. Awesome.

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